Retired major general slams Josh Hawley for delaying confirmation of Biden's pick for DHS secretary
(Screenshot via YouTube)

A retired major general who led the Missouri National Guard for almost a decade slammed Missouri GOP Senator Josh Hawley over his decision to block a chance to quickly confirm Alejandro Mayorkas as secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the Riverfront Times reports.

Stephen L. Danner wrote in a Medium post this Monday that Hawley is "putting America's national security and literally lives at risk during this pandemic."

"Our country urgently needs a Secretary of Homeland Security in place to keep the American people safe," Danner wrote. "There is longstanding, historical, and bipartisan precedent for a President's national security nominee to be confirmed swiftly because the full Senate traditionally waives the rule that would require 30 hours of debate before voting."

On January 19, during a meeting of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, Hawley voted no on a motion to skip the Senate's full vetting process and appoint Mayorkas in time for Joe Biden's inauguration the next day, delaying the confirmation process.

According to Danner, Hawley's move was "disheartening."

"Instead of letting the Senate swiftly consider the nomination, Senator Hawley demands the Senate waste time and taxpayer money to spend unnecessary hours debating and delaying the confirmation vote," Danner wrote. "We call upon Senator Hawley to let the Senate do its duty, confirm Mr. Mayorkas and put the security of the country and our most vulnerable first."