Newly-elected GOP Lt. Gov. attacks Joy Reid for ‘talking about me behind my back’ – which was on national TV
Joy Reid -- screenshot

Conservatives are furious with the mainstream media for not blaring from coast to coast that GOP voters in Virginia elected their first Black woman to the office of Lt. Governor. And they're especially furious at MSNBC's Joy Reid, who called the Republican Party "dangerous" to national security.

Virginia's first Black woman Lt. Gov. is Winsome Sears, who served one term in the Virginia House of Delegates in 2002, and holds a Masters from Pat Robertson's Regent University. After winning the election, Sears Tuesday night told supporters she had been a Marine and was willing "to die for this country."

On Wednesday Sears spent the day attacking Black women, specifically The Nation's Jemele Hill and MSNBC's Joy Reid, both of whom reminded Americans that Youngkin ran on racism.

"It's not the messaging, folks," Hill stated. "This country simply loves white supremacy."

Sears' campaign tweeted out what some might call a threatening response.

But Sears chose to attack Joy Reid herself, not sending a message through her campaign but via Fox News.

"You have to be willing to vocalize that these Republicans are dangerous," Reid had said Tuesday night, as Fox News reports. "That this isn't a party that's just another political party that disagrees with us on tax policy. That at this point, they're dangerous. They're dangerous to our national security, because stoking that kind of soft, white nationalism eventually leads to the hardcore stuff."

Sears went on the attack, daring Reid to a debate.

"I wish Joy Reid would invite me on her show," Sears told Fox News. "Let's see if she's woman enough to do that."

"We'd have a real discussion without Joy speaking about me behind my back, if you will," Sears said, despite Reid making her remarks on national television. It's unclear if Reid even mentioned Sears Tuesday night.