Left-wing activists pressure Justice Breyer to retire in light of likely Georgia victory: report

As the Georgia run-off election looks to be going in Democrats' favor, left-wing activists are pressuring Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to retire in light of the possible advantage of a Democratic majority in the Senate, POLITICO reports.

"Justice Breyer's service on the Court has been remarkable, and history will remember him even more fondly if he ends up playing a critical role in ensuring the appointment of the first Black woman to the Court," Demand Justice co-founder Brian Fallon told POLITICO. "Timing his retirement in the coming year would guarantee that opportunity, and it would be wise to do so because the window may prove a narrow one."

Conservatives currently outnumber liberals six to three on the Supreme Court. Now that a Democratic Senate majority seems likely, left-wing activists are pushing Biden to act.

As POLITICO points out, Breyer is the oldest member of the court at 82-years-old. He's one of the three remaining appointees by Democratic presidents and has not signaled any intention to retire soon.