New Jersey board of education member apologizes for calling Kamala Harris a 'street walker'

A Board of Education member in Linden, New Jersey, who is also a former middle school principal is under fire for a Facebook post where he called Vice President Kamala Harris a "street walker," MyCentralJersey reports.

Gregory R. Martucci posted the comment on the "I grew up in Linden" Facebook page in response to a post from pro-Trump comedian and actor Terrence K. Williams that was shared by someone else.

"She is right off the wingnut streets of San Francisco what do you expect from a street walker who has no clue about America," Martucci wrote on Williams' post that featured Harris telling migrants attempting to cross the U.S.-Mexico border, "Do not come."

After MyCentralJersey published their story, Martucci sent a statement to the network, apologizing for his post.

"This was an 'offensive' comment which does not reflect who I am in both my private and public lives," Martucci wrote in an email to Tuesday. "My actions to this point have always reflected a positive support for all women and for all cultures. I assure you that I will continue to support all women and all cultures."