Kansas officials say they have no record to turn over on state Senate leader's DUI arrest

According to U.S. News & World Report, officials with the Kansas Highway Patrol will not be releasing records on the DUI arrest of GOP state Senate leader Gene Suellentrop — because, according to them, there are no records to release.

"Luther Ganieany, the patrol's general counsel, initially said the front page of an offense report with basic information might be available by the end of this week. But he said in an email Thursday that the patrol is not required to file such a report for alleged DUI incidents and didn't," said the report. "Ganieany said other documents are investigation records that don't have to be released under the Kansas Open Records Act and the patrol is legally barred from releasing criminal history information."

Suellentrop was arrested earlier this month after being pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence, and allegedly trying to flee the scene.

He was released from jail, to the confusion of state troopers, and has not been charged with a crime as of now, although he has ceased his Senate leadership role at least temporarily. His seeming preferential treatment by the state justice system as a member of the legislature has drawn controversy.