Parler owners tried to sell the app at 'wildly inflated' price weeks before Kanye agreed to deal: report
White House photo of Kanye West and White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders in the White House.

A new report from tech news publication The Verge claims that the owners of Parler had been trying to unload the app at what one buyer described as a "wildly inflated" price weeks before rapper Kanye West announced his intention to buy it.

The prospective buyer told The Verge that they "were stunned by the site’s low number of daily active users" after being approached by the owners, and wasted little time turning down the offer.

Parlement, the company behind Parler, refused to comments on the specific claims made by the prospective buyer, and instead issued a generic statement stating that "Parlement has always been exploring strategic opportunities for all its brands and continues to do so."

However, a source familiar with Parler's engagement data say the app only has roughly 50,000 daily users, compared to the tens of millions of people who use rival apps such as Twitter and Snapchat.

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West agreed to buy Parler, which has billed itself as an anti-censorship social media platform, after he was suspended from Twitter and Instagram for saying he was "going death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE" and spouting assorted other anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.