Audit leader looks like an 'absolute fool' — but is 'inspiring late-night comics': Arizona columnist

Republicans in Arizona continue to be harshly criticized for their their audit of the 2020 election — which could drag on for months.

"Whoa. The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors isn't fooling around. This GOP-dominated board on Monday proved that not all Republicans have lost their ever-living minds since Nov. 3, when Donald Trump lost the election," Arizona Republic columnist Laurie Roberts wrote on Monday. "The supervisors took the Arizona Senate's Cyber Ninja auditors to school on how elections are run. And as for Senate President Karen Fann, the person who ordered this bizarre proctological exam of Maricopa County's vote? They made her look like an absolute fool. Actually, they didn't make her look like a fool. She did that all by herself."

Roberts blasted the audit.

"This audit has had disaster written all over it from the moment Fann bowed to the conspiracy crowd and hired Trump's ninjas to audit an already audited election," she wrote. "Fann, R-Prescott, has repeatedly said this exercise in embarrassment isn't about overturning the state's election results. But that's exactly what it's always has been about, whether she knew it or not."

The county called upon Fann to end the audit.

Roberts concluded that the audit was "inspiring late-night comics."