Kari Lake's trial to expose election fraud was like 'one of those clown pistols that shoots out a flag — one that says Oops': op-ed
Kari Lake (Shutterstock)

Failed Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake has been fighting in court to prove that the 2022 election she lost was stolen. But according to reports, the witnesses she called to testify on her behalf are not helping her case.

Writing for AZ Central, columnist Laurie Roberts said that Lake's case "centers around her $600-an-hour expert witness" Erich Speckin, who is "a self-described forensic documents analyst who also put in a cameo appearance during the ill-fated Cyber Ninjas audit of the 2020 election."

According to Roberts, Lake's case is designed to keep her base "riled and ready" for her anticipated run for the U.S. Senate next -- unless Donald Trump taps her to be his running mate for 2024.

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Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson told Lake that she must show “that no signature verification was conducted” on the 1.3 million early ballots cast in the November election" -- a directive that Roberts says is likely an "insurmountable order" especially since Lake’s own “whistleblowers” testified about their efforts to verify signatures.

Lake's big reveal turned out to be like "one of those clown pistols that shoots out a flag … one that says Oops."

Read the full op-ed over at AZ Central.