'Hands off my uterus!' Dem battles Kayleigh McEnany as she says fetuses 'have a right to choice too'
Fox News/screen grab

Fox News co-hosts Jessica Tarlov and Kayleigh McEnany exchanged words during a Tuesday discussion over the loss of federal abortion rights.

"It was a real gut punch," Tarlov recalled after hearing the Supreme Court's abortion decision. "And then looking at my daughter and thinking about the fact that, yeah, I'm raising her in New York but if she wants to go and work in a state like Ohio or Texas or go to school in one of those states, she will be less free than an American citizen should be."

"And limiting people's choices is something that runs so counter to what I hear from Republicans all the time," she continued. "Get your hands off my guns? Get your hands off my uterus!"

"What about," McEnany interrupted, "I know we disagree. Just the other point of view is this, that they are American citizens. The baby in my belly is an American citizen with a separate DNA code, separate heartbeat and they have a right to choice too and the choice is not for me."

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"And [fetuses] are more free in Ohio and Mississippi in your womb than they are in [New York]," co-host Sean Duffy chimed in.

"I tried to do this as respectfully as possible," Tarlov told McEnany, noting that she was "open to a conversation" about limits on abortion based on fetus viability.

"We have states with no rape or incest exceptions," Tarlov pointed out.

"Now, the pro-life movement, instead of not being in the conversation, gets to be in the conversation," McEnany said as she concluded the segment.

Watch the video below from Fox News.