Kayleigh McEnany slammed for attacking Jen Psaki, Dems on lack of ‘bipartisanship’ after no Republican voted for COVID relief
Kayleigh McEnany (CNN)

Former White House press secretary and Trump campaign advisor Kayleigh McEnany wasted no time once President Joe Biden's $1.9 trillion relief package passed on Wednesday, attacking Democrats for "promising bipartisanship" only to have her successor, Jen Psaki, describe the bill as “one of the most consequential and most progressive pieces of legislation in American history."

The bill could have been bipartisan. Republicans time and time again had opportunities to contribute, and they offered hundreds of amendments in what is called a "vote-a-rama."

No Senate Republican and no House Republican voted for any version of the COVID relief bill, known more formally as the American Rescue Act.

As the progressive group Indivisible notes, all Republicans voted against these benefits the bill provides:

"Instead," the group adds, "Republicans authored hundreds of amendments to weaken the bill, and even to demonize immigrants and attack transgender youth."

McEnany's attack did not go over well.