Kellyanne Conway claims the only 'chaos' under Trump was in his 'tweets once in a while'
Kellyanne Conway (screen shot)

Kellyanne Conway suggested Saturday that the only chaos in the Trump administration was "in (his) tweets once in a while."

Conway, who served as senior adviser to former president Donald Trump, made the statements on Fox News during a nasty, extended attack on Vice President Kamala Harris.

"She may have been picked because she was a woman of color, and therein lies the problem," Conway said of Harris, before agreeing with host Jesse Watters that Harris is "an embarrassment to women."

Conway went on to criticize Harris for comparing the Capitol insurrection to Pearl Harbor and 9/11, calling the vice president's comments "a disgrace to our country" and "unforgivable."

"I'm going to give her a date we're all going to remember: Aug. 26, 2021, lady," Conway said. "That's the day 13 innocent servicemembers died in Afghanistan because of your chaotic withdrawal."

"You know, we were always told, 'Chaos, chaos!'" Conway said, apparently referring to criticism of the Trump administration, before claiming that it was merely "chaos in Trump's tweets once in a while."

The Biden administration, on the other hand, is responsible for "chaos at the border, chaos in Afghanistan, chaos at the gas pump, chaos at the grocery store, (and) chaos with COVID," Conway said.

Watch a clip as well as the full interview below.

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