Video shows police stomping mentally ill Black man during violent arrest in Alabama gas station

A police department in Alabama is under fire after video emerged showing a violent arrest in a Huntsville gas station, the Alabama Political Reporter reports.

The video show police try to arrest a man that local news outlets have identified as 22-year-old Kemontae Hobbs.

Hobbs can be seen struggling with one officer before more officers arrive on the scene. As officers restrain Hobbs, one officer stomps on his legs. Now, Huntsville police are investigating.

It's still not known why police were called to the gas station, and Hobbs has only been charged with the unspecific crime of "obstructing government operations," and also resisting arrest. A group fundraising for Hobbs' bail say he was detained for panhandling outside the gas station store.

"Kemontae has had several run-ins with the cops. They are aware that he has schizophrenia, and is sometimes known to wander when he isn't able to access treatment. After his arrest and brutalization, Huntsville Police called to tell his mother that they had her son, and knew he was mentally ill. They treated him like this anyway," Huntsville Bail Fund said in a Facebook post.

"My issue and why I am baffled is at the fact he storms in at the top and automatically goes to stomping," Huntsville City Councilman Devyn Keith wrote in a Facebook comment under the video. "The other officers start to restrain and state (communicate). The original officer still in what seems to be body control … never throws a punch … the stomping officer never aides in control."

"Again, how do 3 other officers find it better to restrain rather than stomp … and if this is a situation where the officer on top was truly losing control … deploy the taser and then move on. This is reckless use of force by this officer, in my opinion," he added.

Huntsville Police have been the subject of controversy more than once in recent times, most notably their choice to fire tear gas and rubber bullets at peaceful protesters last June. According to Rosa Parks Day Committee spokesman David Person, the video is just more evidence of the problems within the Huntsville Police Department.

"This latest incident should be all that Mayor Battle needs to confirm the crisis Huntsville faces when it comes to policing," he said. "It is beyond reprehensible that an HPD officer stomped a person whose only alleged crime was panhandling — a person who may have a disability. The culture of policing in Huntsville is broken. The police chief needs to be fired. And if the mayor can't acknowledge that, he needs to resign."

Watch the video below: