Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton flees reporters at airport after leaving state amid power crisis
KXAN/screen grab

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton was confronted by a reporter this week after he left the state despite an ongoing energy crisis.

KXAN's Maggie Glynn caught up with Paxton on Tuesday as he was returning from a trip to Utah. Paxton has claimed that he needed to make the trip in person for a demonstration by Utah law enforcement.

In video of the confrontation, Glynn can be heard repeatedly asking the Texas attorney general to comment on the massive power outages that were caused by a winter storm.

Paxton, however, ignored the questions as KXAN staff literally broke into a run to follow him to the parking lot.

"We're just asking for your comment to Texans," Glynn said. "They want to hear from you, sir. Sir, please. Do you have anything to say?"

Throughough the incident, the Texas Republican declined to make eye contact with the reporter. He eventually was ushered into a black SUV before driving away.

Watch the video below from KXAN.