Florida sheriff claims activist is ‘exploiting children’ after he discusses anti-racism protests with students
(Screenshot via First Coast News)

A Florida community activist says he's considering suing the Baker County Sheriff's Office after a Facebook post from the department accused him of "exploiting and manipulating children," First Coast News reports.

On Wednesday, Kevin Conner spoke at a meeting for Duval County Public Schools regarding the possible renaming of some schools in the district.

"It was a group of middle school kids at Baker County High School basically saying they've had it, there so much racism there, and teachers and administration endorse it and they wanted to make a stand," Conner said adding that there's "a long history including MLK and Steve Biko of adults helping students protest, students have a right to protest."

But according to the Baker County Sheriff's Department's Facebook post, Conner has been encouraging protesting and disrupting school functions. The post even accused him of asking to meet with female minors in private location -- an accusation that Conner says is false, since the children's parents were involved in the meetups.

"They are seeking to target me and ruin my life and libels, this is no small matter and it has put my family in danger," said Conner, who captured video of a neighbor calling him a pedophile.

Major Randy Crews of the Baker County Sheriff's Department told First Coast News that they had no intention of slandering Conner.

"What I'm saying is that he's exploiting kids but I don't have any evidence or anybody accusing him of any improper sexual misconduct, what I have is people accusing him of having inappropriate contact and communication with minors," Crews said.

Watch First Coast News' report on the story below: