Anderson Cooper shreds 'so pathetic' Kevin McCarthy for making sure everyone knew Trump spoke to him
Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) (Screen cap).

On CNN Thursday in conversation with chief political analyst Gloria Borger, anchor Anderson Cooper tore into House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) for his continued subservice to former President Donald Trump — when it is increasingly clear Trump has no affection or loyalty to him.

"Gloria, Kevin McCarthy said he spoke to the former president earlier this morning, and you combine that with the endorsement of Gosar and McCarthy wants everyone to think he is in lockstep with the former president, and what are they saying privately?" asked Cooper.

"I talked with ... a moderate Republican, somebody who voted for the infrastructure bill, somebody who is in a very marginal district for Republicans and he feels, I guess the word I would use is alienated," said Borger. "He's unhappy that now he's going to be targeted, and I think the question is don't they want him to win his seat back? Does that matter? I think they've taken sides."

Borger went on to explain why McCarthy feels the need to cozy up to the twice-impeached former president.

"I think it's no coincidence that McCarthy spoke with Trump this morning and then immediately comes out, the president and the ex-president endorses Gosar and the president says yeah, I'd put them back in their committees, and they talked about other things, and I've got to believe that this came up in the conversation," said Borger. "McCarthy's trying to get back in his good graces even though, again, there's another irony which is that Donald Trump doesn't like McCarthy and if they take over the House, he'll probably support somebody else to become Speaker."

"It's so pathetic, I mean, that Kevin McCarthy had to make sure that everyone knew that they spoke and he got a few minutes to speak to the former president," said Cooper.

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Anderson Cooper calls Kevin McCarthy "pathetic"