'Kevin McCarthy has it exactly backwards': CNN legal analyst tears apart GOP leader's claims on Capitol riot subpoenas
Kevin McCarthy on Facebook

House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy received a harsh fact-check on CNN over his claim that it would violate federal law for telecom companies to comply with subpoenas from the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol.

For analysis, CNN's Erin Burnett interviewed former federal prosecutor and CNN legal analyst Elie Honig.

"Minority Leader McCarthy says any telecom or social media company that turns over communication records to the January 6th committee is violating federal law. That's the claim he's making," Burnett said. "Is he right or wrong?"

"Kevin McCarthy has it exactly backwards here," Honig replied. "A subpoena is a formal command, backed by law, to produce evidence. It's not optional."

"Let me just sort of end any suspension here, there is no such law. He's just making this up, he's just posturing," he said. "There is an argument, and it's close to the line, that McCarthy's actions may be obstruction of Congress."


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