McCarthy's Speaker hopes butting up against House GOPers who just 'don't like' him: CNN
Kevin McCarthy (Photo by Jim Watson for AFP)

According to Politico correspondent and CNN political analyst Rachael Bade, current House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy's hopes of becoming the next speaker of the House is running up against a numbers game and a general dislike of him by members of his own caucus.

Speaking with co-hosts Jim Sciutto and Bianna Golodryga after the Thanksgiving weekend, Bade said that McCarthy is scrambling to round up votes for election to replace current Speaker Nancy Pelosi (R-CA) after Republicans failed to make major gains in increasing their membership in the House in the midterm elections.

With only a slim numbers margin in the House, Bade reported that resistance to McCarthy by more than four Republican members could doom his speakership hopes and throw the election of a new speaker into chaos.

Adding to his woes, she noted, is that McCarthy is not popular with some of his colleagues.

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"We've mentioned Kevin McCarthy's name twice now. Is there any guarantee that he in fact will be Speaker and in control?" host Golodryga pressed Bade.

"Of course not," she replied. "His allies are saying that he's going to get the votes and it's just a question of what he has to do to get there, what promises and priorities he has to give the far-right in order to get that job, but right now we've seen at least five House Republicans say on the record that they are not going to support him for speaker and right now he can only lose potentially three or four on the floor when it comes to the floor vote for the speaker's gavel."

"He has a real math problem," she continued. "Now, we say this now, everybody is a no until all of a sudden they are a yes, right? We saw this with Nancy Pelosi and how she was able to pick off and sort of buy out a lot of Democrats who opposed her speakership the last time around but this is a different game for Kevin McCarthy."

"The reality is that a lot of these members don't like him," she reported. "It's not just about concessions, they just don't want to see him as Speaker. So that's going to be really complicated for him in getting the votes."

"Hard to get the votes when folks don't like you," CNN host Sciutto quipped.

Watch the video below or at this link.

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