'There's no remorse!' Jacob Blake's uncle blasts Kyle Rittenhouse for being unrepentant about Kenosha shooting
Kyle Rittenhouse

Jacob Blake's uncle says he wasn't moved by Kyle Rittenhouse's tears during testimony in his murder trial on Wednesday.

Justin Blake, whose nephew's shooting at the hands of police led to the protests where Rittenhouse is accused of killing two people, told CNN on Wednesday night that the defendant's testimony wasn't "plausible."

"The crying, and the display that he showed, nobody wants to hear that," Justin Blake said. "This young man, once you step into an adult world, you're sort of trapped on that side. He doesn't want to be a 17-year-old at home playing Atari or playing whatever game they play these days. He stepped into a very adult world, and therefore he has to suffer the consequences of it. Two men are dead. ... These are two human beings. They're not animals. They're not dogs like they were shot in the street."

Asked whether he believes Rittenhouse showed any remorse during his testimony, Blake said, "There's no remorse. You can't show remorse because you don't have any," adding that he believes Rittenhouse had been taught a "doctrine that's close to the Ku Klux Klan and the skinheads."

Asked what justice would look like in Rittenhouse's case, Blake expressed confidence in the men and women of the jury.

"We didn't get a chance to go to court," he said. "Little Jake hasn't had his day in court. His day was the bullets and the seven shots in the back. These people made it to trial. They've got 12 people who seem to be breathing and conscious of what's going on in their communities, and they have the chance to settle the bill for these two families. Although the judge has put his hand on the scale, from time to time, and made that very difficult, and set precedent almost to let this kid walk, the 12 jurors finally will be holding the last sway."

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