Liberals 'bullying' Kyrsten Sinema on democracy likened to sexual predators by Arizona columnist
Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) Screengrab.

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema was defended on Saturday by Arizona Republic columnist Greg Moore.

"To all the liberal activists pressing U.S. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema over ending the filibuster, are you finished or are you done? She's not flip-flopping on this issue, and if you don't stop asking her to change her mind, you're either going to come off as ignorant (like you haven't been paying attention to WHAT SHE'S SAID CONSISTENTLY FOR YEARS) or creepy (like a handsy date who won't take no for an answer)," Moore wrote. "Hey, team: No means no, OK?"

Even though the filibuster is anti-democratic and allows minority rule in the U.S. Senate, Moore predicted Sinema would retaliate against those who criticize her support for it.

"But if you want Arizona's senior senator to dig all the way in on her anti-filibuster position, keep pushing her. Much more of this and she's going to spite you all as a matter of general principle," he wrote. "Think about it. Do you like to get bullied? Even if you're getting bullied into something good for you?"

Even though support for the anti-democratic filibuster is preventing legislation to stop the voter suppression bills passed by Republican legislatures across the country, Moore argued that Sinema and liberals agree.

"Your goals are her goals. You just have to trust her to not forget where she came from," he argued.

Moore said that it was not important to actually protect democracy, only for Sinema to appear like she is fighting on the issue.

"She could be more vocal in her support for voting rights by doing some more talk shows and interviews and dropping more social media posts that help her would-be allies relax a bit," he wrote. "And Sinema might consider whether she could do a better job of helping traumatized voters feel more secure. She's not saying no to voting rights. She's saying not now, and not like this (by ending the filibuster.)"

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