Kyrsten Sinema is being 'pretty irrational' and has 'greatly increased her chance of losing': polling expert
Kyrsten Sinema, official photo.

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (R-AZ) has frustrated her Democratic colleagues recently with her refusal to commit to supporting the party's budget reconciliation package in the United States Senate.

Some reports have indicated that Sinema believes it's in her political interest to buck her party and create a "maverick" persona in the mold of the late Sen. John McCain, but polling expert Nate Silver believes that could be a major strategic miscalculation.

Writing on Twitter, Silver said that Sinema is being "pretty irrational" and argued that "she's greatly increased her chance of losing a primary challenge and I don't know that she's helped her general election chances one bit."'

All the same, Silver noted, that's still a major problem for Democrats who are in an evenly split Senate, as "one irrational actor can foil all your plans."

Many Democratic activists who helped elect Sinema in 2018 have been recently expressing disgust with her actions and have formed a PAC that will run a primary challenge against her in 2024.

Sinema has also been drawing fire from other elected Democrats, as Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) on Tuesday accused her of "holding up the will of the entire Democratic Party."