Larry Elder promotes article about California voters 'getting what they deserve' after humiliating loss
(Fox News/YouTube)

One night after Republicans faced a devastating blowout loss in the California recall election that saw Gov. Gavin Newsom win by more than 20 percentage points, the leading contender to replace him, right-wing talk radio host Larry Elder, reposted an article on Twitter that was headlined "California voters get what they deserve."

California currently has the largest, and one of the fastest growing, economies in America. Nevertheless, the article Elder shared — written by conservative political analyst Michael Barone — compared California to the social disaster of China's one-child policy, saying, "The flowers on both sides of the Pacific Rim seem to be wilting. Thanks to its recently repealed one-child policy, China's workforce is now shrinking, while California's poverty rate, 15%, is the highest in the nation when cost of living is taken into account."

"Newsom's victory shows that California voters want more of the same," concluded Barone. "As H. L. Mencken put it, they deserve to get it good and hard."

Elder stirred constant controversy throughout the recall campaign, with his past disparaging comments about women, his suggestion that former slaveholders should have been given reparations, and his views that the minimum wage should not exist and COVID-19 health mandates should be scrapped.