LGBTQ couple captures 14-minute viral video of bigoted rant by Texas business owner

The owner of the Texas Angels Boutique was caught on video going off on an anti-LGBTQ rant in her apartment complex -- and now her hate-filled tirade is going viral across the internet.

The LGBTQ+ publication The Advocate revealed that it's just another in a long string of attacks against LGBTQ+ people simply trying to live their daily lives.

Last week, after a birthday dinner, Charles Hardy and his partner were returning home around 9 p.m. when a speeding vehicle nearly ran over them.

"The driver, identified as Evan Berryhill-Jewell, double-parked her car and then began lashing out at the couple, with particular ire directed at Hardy, a transgender man," said the report. "Berryhill-Jewell is the owner of Texas Angels Boutique in San Angelo."

The video of the altercation was posted TikTok and spread by user Danesh, who frequently calls out bigots behaving badly in public.

Berryhill-Jewell keeps trying to aggressively touch Hardy, despite being asked to stop. She then attacked his appearance and sexuality.

"You fucking f*ggots need to learn that equality is what I got. How are you any better than me? Republican all the way, baby," she said.

The video goes on for 14 minutes, which has been shared with the police, though they declined to press charges.

But then it got worse. Berryhill-Jewel pasted post-it notes saying "F*ggots" and other slurs all over their door and cars. That's when Hardy called the police back and said they were pressing charges.

Hardy said that as a trans person he has experienced an increase in vitriol directed at him over the past several months.

"I'm from Dallas, which is conservative but less conservative than San Angelo," Hardy said. "My partner is from [San Angelo], and never in their life has it been this bad.”

After huge backlash, Berryhill-Jewell posted an apology to Facebook swearing that she has gay friends. When people called her out again, she deleted it.

See the video below:

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