Liberty University seeks to silence sexual assault whistleblower: report

The evangelical Liberty University is asking a federal court to bar a former employee from revealing documents and information related to his claim that he was fired for speaking out on the school's failure to address sexual assault allegations properly, The Christian Post reports.

Scott Lamb, who was the school's senior vice president of communications, claimed in his lawsuit that he was fired because he expressed concern over how the school's officials handled sexual assault claims.

"Liberty filed a request for a temporary restraining order last Friday in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Virginia against Lamb, arguing that he is still bound to his confidentiality agreement with the university," The Christian Post's report stated. "The motion also asks for Lamb to, among other things, deliver "all documents or other information, including all privileged, confidential, and/or trade secret information" to Liberty and to disclose all the people to whom he has sent such sensitive documents or information."

In its filing, Liberty argued that "Lamb promised not to disclose any confidential information without Liberty approval and to return all confidential Liberty information upon his departure" in the confidentiality agreement he allegedly signed in 2018.

"Although many of these materials were likely protected trade secrets, privileged communications or attorney work product protected information, Lamb has admitted that he disclosed them to the media, general public and commercial enemies of Liberty without privilege or prior permission as contractually required," the memorandum reads.

"Perhaps most shockingly, Lamb has demonstrated no regard for the attorney-client privilege, freely discussing privileged advice regarding litigation strategy and other matters on national media."

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