Lin Wood lashes out at 'communist' judge who opened the door to his disbarment
Lin Wood in the Oval Office. (Official White House photo by Joyce N. Boghosian)

One of former President Donald Trump's advocates is furious after a Michigan judge opened the door for him to be disbarred due to his efforts to get the presidential election in that state oveturned.

Lin Wood was bundled together with the other "Kraken" lawyers as part of a sanctions lawsuit and it could mean Wood and his allies are disbarred in Michigan.

While in the trial, however, Wood claimed that he didn't participate in drafting the documents used in Trump's Michigan election challenge. He told the court that his name was put on the suit without his consent. Sidney Powell, however, said that she specifically sought his permission before putting his name on the lawsuit.

Still, after the news broke, Wood took to Parler to rant both about being part of the lawsuit and about the judge. He first posted quotes from Thomas Paine from "Common Sense," which was an attack on King George, the monarch of England at the time.

"Communism never lets the TRUTH get in the way of its objectives," Wood wrote, implying that the judge was somehow a communist, while also being King George.

See the comments in the screen captures below: