‘Shocking and indefensible’: Liz Cheney blasts Steve Bannon’s comments on the House floor

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) blasted Steve Bannon on the House floor during floor debate on sending the Department of Justice a criminal referral after the Trump advisor defied a congressional subpoena.

"Madam Speaker, a year ago today, the election was still a couple of weeks off. We knew it would be a tight race, but most of us did not anticipate that President Trump — or any president, frankly — would ever simply reject the outcome of the vote," Cheney began.

"President Trump had no factual or constitutional basis for his claims and the lawyers he found who would carry his false claims forward have paid the consequences," she noted. "Rudy Giuliani's license to practice law has been suspended and Sidney Powell has been sanctioned by a federal judge."

"But Donald Trump persisted, attempting through every manner he could imagine to try to overturn the outcome of the election and we all saw what happened," she explained. "The people who attacked this building have told us on video, on social media, and now before the federal courts exactly what motivated them. They believed what Donald Trump told them, that the election was stolen and that they needed to take action."

Cheney noted Bannon's comments the day before the attack, when he threatened that "all hell is going to break loose."

"It is shocking and indefensible," Cheney said.

"In fact, there is no doubt that Mr. Bannon knows far more than what he said on the video. There is no doubt that all hell did break loose. Just ask the scores of brave police officers who were injured that day, protecting all of us. The American people deserve to hear his testimony," she added, listing four examples of the legislative purpose of the investigation.


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