Capitol Police arrest man trying to bring gun into House office building: report
A Capitol Police officer stands guard in front of the US Capitol Building, on June 14, 2017 (AFP)

Capitol Police arrested a man on Thursday who was attempting to bring a firearm into a Capitol Hill office building.

"The Longworth building — an office building of the US Capitol complex — was put on lockdown this morning after someone brought a gun into the building," CNN reported Thursday. "Police detained the person, sources say. [United States Capitol Police] says no threat."

The 700,000 square foot Neoclassical Revival building contains the offices of 251 members of the House of Representatives.

"The U.S. Capitol Police sent a security alert just before 8 a.m. ET Thursday telling staff to get inside the nearest office, stay away from external windows, remain quiet and to refrain from entering or exiting the building until given the go-ahead from police," Fox News reported. "There was no indication of any other security threat on Capitol Hill besides the one arrested individual."

Capitol Police later identified the man as 57-year-old Jeffrey Allsbrooks. He is being charged with carrying a pistol without a license.