A South Philly man hurled a coffee tumbler and a large bucket of liquid at police officers during January 6 insurrection, according to the FBI. But it appears that he got the worst of the exchange.

Michael Dickinson, 29, was identified by a tipster leading the FBI to Prince George's Hospital outside Washington D.C. where he had gone for treatment for facial injuries, the FBI report indicates. The bureau also obtained footage from a second tipster and open-sources video showing Dickinson in a blood-soaked sweatshirt and bleeding from the face.

The FBI stated it had obtained Dickinson's medical records from the hospital indicating that Dickinson "informed medical personnel that he was at the rally in Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2021, and that he had been struck by what he believed to be a rubber bullet. The records specified numerous facial injuries."

The report cited video footage showing Dickinson "throwing an object resembling a coffee tumbler at police" and that it "strikes a law enforcement officer in the face/chest." The report said additional video shows Dickinson "picking up an object that appears to be a large bucket filled with a liquid and throwing the liquid and the bucket at law enforcement officers."

Philly Magazine added this reporting:

"An attempt to reach Dickinson at his home was unsuccessful. According to his uncle, who picked up the phone, Dickinson does not have legal representation at this time.

"They only tell you about the bad stuff,' the uncle told Philly Mag. 'They don't tell you about when he actually helped a female officer who was on the ground being attacked. Nobody cares about that, including the government. Nobody cares about the truth. I bet you won't put that in your article. Write whatever you want.' (Philly Mag was unable to corroborate the uncle's account of the incident with the female officer.)

"Dickinson has been released on $100,000 bond. He is not allowed to leave Pennsylvania other than for court proceedings in Washington, D.C."

You can read the FBI complaint here.