Capitol rioter accuses DOJ of using Soviet 'secret police' tactics to round up 'innocent people'
Oath-Keepers via Facebook

On Monday, NBC4 Washington's Scott MacFarlane reported that a member of the Oath Keepers group accused of participating in the January 6 Capitol attack released new court filing accusing the Justice Department of behaving like the KGB.

"The Government ... [is] roving all over the country assaulting innocent people in their homes at dawn in 'secret police' tactics not seen since the Soviet Union collapsed, unless one counts Venezuela," complained the filing.

The FBI has conducted home raids against several people accused of involvement in the Capitol attack — but with lawful warrants approved by judges as part of constitutional due process.

The Oath Keepers are a far-right paramilitary group known for recruiting current and former military and law enforcement. They have rushed to the defense of right-wing standoffs with federal agents over the years, including the Bundy Ranch incident in 2014. A number of Oath Keepers are being prosecuted for their involvement in the Capitol insurrection, with many turning on each other to secure plea deals.