'You’ll be found and killed': Man charged with making terroristic threats after calling Ted Cruz's office
US Senator Ted Cruz, a Republican from Texas, speaks during a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on "Review of the FY2023 State Department Budget Request," in Washington, DC, on April 26, 2022. (Al Drago / AFP / POOL)

A Houston man has been charged with making a terroristic threat against Texas GOP Sen. Ted Cruz, Fox10 reports.

Isaac A. Nformangum, 22, of Richmond, Texas called Cruz's office on June 26 and identified himself as "one of the many Afro-American constituents of whom you are representative of here in Texas, as you currently serve from the Senate."

The man was apparently upset at Cruz's opposition to a Democratic voting bill that would reinstate parts of the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

"I have just read the, uh, Texas Republican parties platform for this current 2022 year, uh, wherein it is apparent that your many colleagues intend, intend to have the voting right acts repealed and not reauthorized? Every last one of your republican colleagues to have signed off on that platform is to be found, and is to be found and killed, be it by a bullet to the face or by the smashing of a brick in your skull," Nformangum said on the call, according to court records.

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"It is a civic duty of every American citizen or resident to see to it that every last one of your colleagues is to be killed. Killed. Be it by finding you in a public space or by trailing you to your very, by your very public homes. The addresses of which are public knowledge. You and every one of your colleagues is to be shot dead. Found and killed."

"You sick pieces of human scum will not have the (explicit) audacity to aggressive any further and to strip us of our rights like you did our grandparents so many years ago. You’ll be found and killed. As a civic do you have every American to do so (explicit). (explicit) Rafael. You piece of human scum," Nformangum added.

As Fox10 points out, Nformangum was charged with a felony of terroristic threat. He's since been released on bond.