Man who threatened to shoot family over Black Lives Matter shirts slapped with 60-day jail sentence

A San Francisco man has been handed a jail sentence for threatening a family wearing Black Lives Matter T-shirts, KTVU reports.

Steven L. Cibotti, 56, was charged with a hate crime over the incident, where he was eating at a restaurant in June of 2020 alongside a family that had just attended a BLM march. The family of five included three children aged seven, five and two who were wearing BLM T-shirts.

Cibotti, who was allegedly intoxicated, approached the table and yelled, "blue lives matter" and pushed their table.

When the family's father told to Cibotti to calm down, he replied, "F*** you, if I had a gun, I would shoot all of you."

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"I'm upset that the kids were exposed to that, I'm upset at the effect it's going to have on them. After this, Arlo didn't want to leave the house today because he thinks the guy's going to come back and bring his gun," mother Ciara Doherty told ABC7 News Bay AreaABC7 News Bay Area in 2020.

Cibotti pleaded no contest to a felony hate crime by means of felony threats and was given a suspended sentence of two years' supervised probation, 60 days in jail with one day credit for time served, and 120 hours of public service.

He must also abstain from alcohol and any other controlled substances. He's also barred from having in his possession any weapons or ammunition, and he's been given a no contact order with the victims.

EXCLUSIVE: Bay Area family threatened while wearing 'Black Lives Matter' shirts

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