WATCH: Judge declares Marjorie Taylor Green a hostile witness

A judge declared Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green (R-GA) an adverse witness after she repeatedly evaded questions by an attorney who represents voters challenging her eligibility to hold federal office.

The Georgia Republican testified Friday during an evidentiary hearing in the lawsuit, which argues that Greene should be removed from the 2022 ballot because she supported the Jan. 6 insurrection, and she clashed with Free Speech for People attorney Andrew Celli over whether she believed in December 2020 that Donald Trump's election loss was fraudulent.

"When you sent out this tweet, you wanted people to read the tweet and know that it was your view that the vote for Mr. Biden for president was fraudulent, or some of them were," Celli said, but Greene denied that. "I am asking when you sent this, you are communicating to your people who read this Twitter account that you believe that there were fraudulent votes for Mr. Biden, and your goal was to keep the president in the White House."

Greene said she was looking for a senator to join her objection to Biden's election, which she said was her responsibility as a member of Congress.

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"I agree with that," Celli said, "but the purpose of that was because you believe that the votes for Mr. Biden were fraudulent, correct? At least some of them?"

Greene said she saw evidence of fraud, and she started to explain it before abruptly changing the topic.

"We had been sending a vast amount of time reading and researching and talking to people, and we have seen tremendous evidence of -- I don't know if you're aware -- aware, but we currently have our secretary of state," Greene began, before Celli cut her off.

Celli asked the judge to strike Greene's remarks from the transcript, and then he asked the judge to remind the congresswoman to answer his questions.

"I'm entitled to get answers to my question, your honor," Celli said. "Can I ask the court to acknowledge that this is an adverse witness, a hostile witness?"

The judge agreed, saying Greene was an adverse witness and the attorney had a right to cross examine her.

"I would ask the court to remind the witness that in this posture, she has to answer my questions, she cannot give speeches," Celli said. "Is that fair?"