Marjorie Taylor Greene: White men watch porn because they are 'most persecuted identity' in US
Facebook/screen grab

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) asserted over the weekend that white men watch pornography and play video games because they are the "most persecuted" group in the United States.

In an interview with podcaster Daniel Schmidt, Greene lashed out at what she said was an attack on white males.

"I believe that white men are the most persecuted identity in America," Greene claimed. "And that's a bold statement to make but I'll break that down."

"Let's talk about why white men and young white men, in particular, are really, they're put, you guys are put bottom on the list of so many things," she continued. "The reason I stick up for white men is I know for a fact when you guys apply to college, you're put down at the bottom of the list and everyone is allowed to be accepted and admitted into college and then they finally move on to the white men."

Greene also claimed that the persecution of white men caused them to spend time alone watching pornography and playing video games.

"Through our entire culture, white men are bad," the lawmaker complained. "But what that's done to your generation and even some of those a little older than you and those definitely younger than you is it's created hopelessness in many of these guys."

Greene added: "No one is there for them as they are growing up. They spend hours and hours alone, which is what do they do with their time when they are alone? They don't have an after-school job if they are in high school. Maybe they probably don't play a sport. So they're spending hours and hours time alone, which turns them to all kinds of bad things: porn on the internet, reading crazy stuff in chat rooms and God knows who's in there and saying what they're saying. A lot of time playing video games."

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