Fox host whines Biden fighting voter suppression is like Kennedy stopping segregation in the South
Fox News host Mark Levin -- screenshot

Fox News personality Mark Levin unleashed an unhinged rant on the Joe Biden administration for protecting Americans' Constitutional right to vote.

"You have an attorney general by the name of Merrick Garland," Levin correctly noted, before veering off on a trip to crazytown. "Who doesn't merrick (sic) being Attorney General of the United States.

"Thank God he didn't wind up on the United States Supreme Court," Levin said. "They promoted him as a moderate, this judicial figure — he is a radical and he has radicals underneath him."

He then complained about the Department of Justice expanding its Civil Rights Division to defend voters against Republican voter suppression laws.

Levin complained the effort was because Democrats "want it to be like the Robert Kennedy era, where he's going after the segregated South. That's what they're trying to do."

Outside of Fox News, the legal battle against segregation is widely considered to be a massive victory for defending Americans' constitutional rights.

Levin's was then cut off by Sean Hannity.