Mark Meadows was 'mission control' for Trump's 'wingnut' election schemes and must be forced to testify: CNN analyst
Mark Meadows (screengrab)

On CNN Thursday, former federal prosecutor Elie Honig weighed in on the new allegations against former President Donald Trump's chief of staff Mark Meadows — and what he could offer the House committee investigating the January 6 Capitol attack.

"Now we know Mark Meadows was calling the FBI, the CIA, the Pentagon and others and, among other things, wanted to look into an alleged plot by China to change the thermostats in voting machines and change the vote totals," said anchor Erin Burnett. "Meadows at one point was an elected member of Congress, and this stuff happened."

"My first reaction is just, wow," said Honig. "As a human being, a sane, rational human being, wow, how can this be? When you step back, though, this is really why Mark Meadows is the single most important witness to the January 6 investigation other than Trump himself, and he's never going to realistically testify."

Honig went on to say that Meadows was "running point" for the election theft operation, and thus must be compelled to appear before the committee.

"He was mission control for a whole of government effort to try to steal this election," he said. "This wasn't some one-off or something he did once. He was reaching out to our most serious agencies, to the Pentagon, the FBI, DOJ, the National Security Advisers, to try to get them to put their stamp on this craziness. The fact is it sounds like wild conspiracy wingnut stuff, but it was coming from the chief of staff of the White House, that is incredibly dangerous. I think it tells you exactly why Meadows is such a key focal point here."

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"So Meadows is giving over those emails, but making it clear he's going to exert executive privilege over a lot of stuff," said Burnett. "So is he really cooperating or not?"

"I'm a little bit skeptical here, Erin," said Honig. "When I was a prosecutor, we used to say, there are cooperators and then there are cooperators. I know on paper maybe it looks good and sounds good, Meadows is cooperating, but is he really? What did you do, Mark Meadows, in relation to the FBI and DOJ? What was Donald Trump's involvement? If Mark Meadows gets to say no, guys, not answering that, then this is a bogus deal. What are they going to talk about, what color were the drapes in the Oval Office? What did you eat for lunch January 6? This is what they need to know. So if this is out of bounds, the committee got played here. We'll see if they're able to get it out of Mark Meadows."

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Elie Honig on Mark Meadows' conspiracy theories and cooperation