Mary Trump isn't worried about uncle's lawsuit: His lawyers 'operate out of strip malls'
Mary Trump (Photo: Screen capture)

Mary Trump doesn't seem all that concerned by a lawsuit her uncle filed against her and the New York Times.

The twice-impeached one-term president sued her and the newspaper for $100 million over a Pulitzer Prize-winning report about Donald Trump's tax history, but his niece told The Daily Beast's "New Abnormal" podcast the case would fall apart under the lightest scrutiny.

"Probably my favorite thing about the suit is that he quotes the Times article extensively, which outlines all the awful things Donald had done, and then he quotes extensively from my book," Mary Trump said. "Thank you! Should I be angry, or should I send him flowers for selling more books for me? I think it's the latter. Donald and Meghan McCain are like my best salespeople."

She said the suit would never even reach the discovery stage because it was so poorly constructed.

"As my attorney Ted Boutrous, who's handling the First Amendment stuff, said, it's dead in the water," Mary Trump said. "It's doomed to fail because it's so shoddy. How did I damage him? Even if you can argue there was a contractual breach, which there isn't, what damage did I do to him? What, do I give him, a buck?"

The ex-president has been losing legal advisers left and right, and Mary Trump said the suit reflects that.

"I don't think he has lawyers left at this point who probably do anything other than operate out of strip malls," she said. "But he's probably worried about my lawsuit against him, because this is how the Trump family communicates: We sue each other."