Speculation swirls after Matt Gaetz announces ‘media availability’ for ex-staffer on his ‘recent encounter with the FBI’

U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz's congressional office issued a "media availability"notice for Monday at 11:00 AM CT, for a "former Gaetz staffer" to discuss a "recent encounter with the FBI."

As many online noted, it's strange Gaetz would use his official Congressional stationery for a non-congressional press event. The message was sent by Gaetz's Chief of Staff from his D.C. office.

Forbes' Andrew Solender posted the notice:

The former staffer, as many note, appears to be Gaetz's former Military Legislative Director, Air Force Capt. Nathan Nelson (Ret.), based on a Google search of the address listed. Nelson appeared in a 2019 "Fox & Friends" segment promoting Building Homes for Heroes.

It's not known what Nelson, or whoever the former staffer is, will say but Gaetz has been claiming he is the victim of a $25 million extortion scheme being carried out by a former DOJ employee, and he has demanded the DOJ release "tapes" he say will prove his accusations. Any possible extortion scheme is still separate from any possible investigation into his alleged activities.

Gaetz has confirmed he is the "subject" of a DOJ investigation into a possible sexual relationship with a 17-year old girl. That investigation allegedly also includes him possibly paying for sex with women, using cash apps and hotel ATMs to pay the women, use of an illegal drug, and child sex trafficking. He also allegedly showed nude photos of the women he was having sex with to fellow members of Congress.

Some responses: