DOJ feared Matt Gaetz was obstructing justice back in the fall of 2020: report

More details are coming to light into a potential obstruction of justice investigation into Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL).

CNN's Paula Reid on Thursday reported the potential obstruction of justice investigation "heightens the legal jeopardy for the congressman. If he or any of his associates had tried to influence witness in this case, that's a federal crime — that could mean jail time."

"And what's so interesting is in our reporting we learned that investigators have been concerned about possible obstruction in this case, pretty much since the investigation into Congressman Gaetz began at the end of the Trump administration," she explained.

She said there are two incidents under investigation, one of which occurred in the first week of October and a second incident that allegedly occurred over the phone.

Reid also debunked the latest defense offered by Gaetz spokesman Harlan Hill.