Here's why the Matt Gaetz scandals won't impact his work in Congress

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is facing an existential crisis politically, as more and more salacious details come out about his sex trafficking and prostitution scandals. But his politically catastrophe may not impact his work in Congress, according to one of his colleagues.

Rep. Seth Moulton (D-MA) appeared on MSNBC on Saturday to analyze situation in an interview with Alex Witt.

"Let's also not forget the hypocrisy here, Alex," Moulton said. "This is the wing of the Republican Party that's always lording Christian values over all the rest of us -- Matt Gaetz is having one hell of an Easter weekend here."

"These are very serious allegations, and if they are proven, he doesn't just need to be removed from Congress or from a committee as some people have called for, he needs to go to prison," Moulton said.

"This is disgusting. Will it impact his work? Frankly, he's not a very productive member of Congress in the first place, he just tries to go around supporting Donald Trump," he explained. "But, he needs to go, that's pretty clear to me."