Matt Gaetz laughed at on MSNBC over his plans to install Trump as House Speaker
Rep. Matt Gaetz (MSNBC)

Appearing on MSNBC on Saturday afternoon with host Alex Witt, a former Donald Trump administration official laughed off a proposal from Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) that he plans to help install Trump as the Speaker of the House should the Republican Party regain control in the 2022 midterms.

According to Shermichael Singleton who was dismissed from HUD in 2017 after it was discovered he had written critically of the now-former president, Gaetz's comments about the influence he has with his caucus are not to be taken seriously by anyone.

"Congressman Matt Gaetz said he's talked to Donald Trump about this scenario making the former president Speaker of the House if Republicans win a majority in 2022. What's your reaction to that? Is that even in the Republicans' best interests? Is it in Donald Trump's best interests?" host Witt pressed.

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"I mean, first of all, that's not even constitutional because the former president would have to run, be elected as a member of Congress, then be voted by the majority of the party," Singleton replied only to be corrected later by co-panelist Adrienne Elrod who pointed out that membership in the House is not a requirement.

"Donald Trump has no interest in running for Congress. I don't think Donald Trump has any interest in being Speaker of the House -- it's a difficult job, Alex," he continued with a smirk. "You have to understand the various machinations of the House; it's complicated, as we have seen under Democratic and Republican leadership. I think Matthew Gaetz is trying to make some news as he typically does. I am not paying a lot of attention to this. I don't think any person who's a serious student of politics or history should give Matthew Gaetz much credibility on this issue."

Watch below:

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