‘Nonsensical word salad’: Matt Gaetz’s attempt to clear his name leaves ex-federal prosecutor baffled

On MSNBC Wednesday, former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner tore into the remarks by Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) on Tucker Carlson's show trying to exculpate himself from the allegations of federal sex trafficking.

"I probably spent way too much time watching the Tucker Carlson interview of Matt Gaetz trying to unravel what he was saying, and it was like somebody opened three puzzle boxes and dumped them all together, no matter how diligently you try to put the puzzle together, a clear picture cannot emerge," said Kirschner.

"I've heard this exculpatory, nonsensical word salad from subjects, from suspects, many times in my 30 years as a prosecutor," continued Kirschner. "It's not unfamiliar to me, and he's trying to find something exculpatory that he thinks the viewers will grab onto."

Watch below:

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