Texas is the ‘tip of the spear’ for anti-Trump Republicans fighting back: ex-RNC chair

Texas is the leading edge when it comes to taking back the GOP from Donald Trump supporters, a former chairman of the Republican National Committee argued on MSNBC on Wednesday.

MSNBC's Joy Reid interviewed former RNC Chair Michael Steele about Matthew Dowd running as a Democrat for Lt. Governor of Texas. Dowd, who served as the chief strategist for George W. Bush's successful 2004 re-election and helped elect Arnold Schwarzenegger governor of California, got his start in politics working for Sen. Lloyd Bentsen (D-TX).

"Well, first off, let me say congratulations to my man Matt. I'm excited for you, as a former party chair," Steele began, before making a phone sign with his hand and mouthing the words "call me."

Dowd explained how he is planning on challenging Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick.

"They don't tell the truth. Dan Patrick, the lieutenant governor, is one of the worst at deception and lies in this. I think for your viewers — who always know about Greg Abbott, the governor — what they don't understand is in Texas, the lieutenant governor of Texas is the most powerful position in Texas," Dowd charged. "I'm going to spend the next 405 days telling the truth about Dan Patrick. I'm going to tell the truth every day and he's not going to like it, but I'll tell the truth."

Steele argued Dowd's campaign is the "tip of the spear" in the battle for America and said Republican extremism "gives an opportunity and opening for candidates like Matthew."


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