Man who drove into BLM protesters last summer now running for mayor in Utah city

A man from Provo, Utah last summer drove his Ford Excursion into a group of Black Lives Matter protesters, one of whom shot him.

And now that man is running to be Provo's mayor.

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that Provo mayoral hopeful Ken Dudley has been using his ordeal of getting shot by a protester as the centerpiece of his pro-law-and-order campaign.

However, the Tribune notes that Dudley has omitted several parts of the story in an attempt to portray himself as a purely innocent victim of out-of-control racial justice demonstrators.

"In Dudley's account, he doesn't mention that he'd been driving his Ford Excursion down a bike lane toward demonstrators, who were lined up across the intersection to observe the 8 minutes and 46 seconds that a police officer knelt on George Floyd's neck," writes the paper. "Dudley doesn't talk about how, before the gunshots rang out, he'd been muscling his truck forward through the line of protesters, even accelerating as he began to hit them, according to the available footage."

A local BLM activist named Tyeise Bellamy tells the Tribune that she doesn't believe it's right that Dudley has faced no consequences for his accelerating into protesters even though BLM activist Jesse Taggart has been arrested and prosecuted for shooting Dudley.

"When we say that the system is racist, and it doesn't work for all people... it works for the rich white men or for white people... he is proving us right," said Bellamy. "This is exactly the problem."

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