Trump refused to apologize to Meghan McCain for mocking her dad’s war injuries in ‘bizarre’ phone call: new book
Donald Trump, Meghan McCain -- screenshots

Meghan McCain says former President Donald Trump refused to apologize for mocking her father's war injuries — and denied that he had even done so — during a private phone conversation after the 2016 election.

McCain said Trump called her after she posted a tweet in response to a report saying that the former president had been physically mocking her father, the late GOP Sen. John McCain, who walked with a limp because he couldn't fully bend one knee.

The report came more than a year after Trump first attacked John McCain's war record, saying the former Vietnam POW and GOP presidential nominee was "not a war hero ... because he was captured."

"I tweeted, 'This is abhorrent. What more must my family be put through?'" McCain said of her response to the 2016 report, in an interview with the Daily Mail about her new book, "Bad Republican."

"And I got a phone call from like this weird number that I didn't answer, and there was a voicemail that said, 'This is the White House. President Trump would like to speak with Miss McCain,' and I lost my mind,'" McCain said. "'And I called my dad and I said, 'I don't want to call him back. This is scary. I don't want to talk to him.' And my dad said, 'You have to call him. He's the president of the United States. It's not an option. You still respect the office.'"

"I called him (Trump), and we had a very bizarre conversation, and he denied making fun of my dad's war injuries, and he didn't apologize, but he said, 'I didn't do this, this is fake news, this is (a reporter) lying,'" McCain said.

Trump then reportedly made his wife, Melania, get on speaker phone "to help smooth things over," according to the Daily Mail.

"She (Melania Trump) was like, 'We love you, we love your dad,' and I was like, you don't, but okay," Meghan said, calling it the "one and only time'" that the Trumps showed "some awareness" of the "damage" their attacks did to her family.

In her book, McCain reportedly notes that Trump "wouldn't change his tactics either. He would go on to talk about my father over and over again, always in derogatory ways."

"For years he made a sport of beating the crap out of my family, and he didn't let up once he got into the Oval Office," McCain writes. "Trump had supporters boo my father at a rally. He fought the lowering of the flag in my dad's honor when he died."

Watch part of Meghan McCain's Daily Mail interview below.