Michael Flynn should be sitting in Leavenworth awaiting trial for sedition: Ex-White House attorney
Photo via George Frey for AFP

Appearing on CNN on Tuesday afternoon with host Ana Cabrera, former White House ethics attorney Richard Painter expressed his disgust with former Donald Trump official Michael Flynn for his continuing comments about the 2020 election, saying his weekend comments about a military takeover should land him in court and in prison for sedition.

Despite efforts by the former Trump intelligence official to explain away his comments at a QAnon conference that a Myanmar military-style government takeover should happen in the U.S., Painter said it was long past time that the Justice Department open an investigation into Flynn for his actions that have come after Trump pardoned him.

"Ana, this is a call for a coup and this is not the first time that Michael Flynn has done this," Painter began. "Back in November, after the election, he met with Donald Trump in the White House and they talked about having a military takeover with the United States military, entering Pennsylvania and other states to redo the election -- that was sedition."

"I wrote at the time that that was sedition and should have been criminally charged as sedition by Michael Flynn, and also, perhaps, Donald Trump as an accomplice," he continued. "Michael Flynn has repeatedly called for a military takeover of this sort and this is sedition and it can be prosecuted as sedition; a pattern of conduct, particularly the overt acts in the White House back in November, not just one statement here"

"Second, General Flynn, retired from active duty, is subject to the Uniform Military Code of Justice and he should be court-martialed," he added. "If a former general said this, they would have him in Leavenworth, Kansas right now, ready to face court-martial. This cannot be accepted."

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