Defiant Capitol rioter says he’s relieved after FBI visit: 'I feel no remorse or shame'
U.S Attorney's Office for the Middle District of Tennessee

Michael Timbrook was arrested Tuesday by FBI agents on the usual trespassing and disorderly conduct charges slapped on those who stormed the Capitol on January 6 on behalf of Donald Trump.

But Timbrook, 56, of Cookeville, Tenn. may have carved out his own niche: His Facebook account, which is still active, is as defiant as he apparently was as a rioter. Timbrook has not posted to the account in two months, but it remains live. Two proud posts related to Timbrook's participation in the riot remain visible to this day.

First, there was this one from January 10:

"Sorry friends and family, but I guess all y'all hate me now. I've been admonished, criticized, judged and condemned, for what I consider to be an act of patriotism, by the entire news media, celebrity class, political class, religious groups, hell everybody with a social media has weighed in and found us Guilty of violating the Sanctity of a public building. All the while for the past two generations that I know of, we've all been complaining about how crooked our government is and there's nothing we can do. Blah blah blah... I'm PROUD of everyone who went in there, even the 30 or so rowdy ones. Go ahead and ban me now because I have found my voice and am going to tell this story."

Then, on February 9, the day the FBI report says agents visited Timbrook, he posted this:

"First ever chat with the FBI today. To be honest, it comes as a relief. The agents were exemplary! Respectful, courteous, direct. My chastening is forthcoming, and will undoubtedly hurt my wallet, but I feel no remorse or shame."

That post lives on under the headline "PEACE But Not Fear Bullyproof with the Truth."

FBI agents reported that "Timbrook was ready to take the penalty for what he did on January 6." He even initialed and dated his January 10 Facebook post for the agents, giving it the look of a celebrity autograph that someday will be sold on the Internet.

You can see that and read the FBI complaint here.