'Religious indoctrination': Michigan GOP takes heat for pushing teaching of America's 'Christian foundation'
Christianity in American politics (Shutterstock)

Republicans in the state of Michigan are taking heat for pushing a bill that Democratic critics liken to "religious indoctrination."

The Detroit News reports that new legislation being pushed by Republican State Rep. Joseph Fox would mandate that schools teach about the "Christian foundations" of America, despite the fact that Jesus Christ and Christianity is mentioned nowhere in either the United States Declaration of Independence of the United States Constitution.

Fox justified the legislation as a necessary counterweight to educational tools such as the "1619 Project" that refocuses the start of American history on the origins of the slave trade in the early pre-American Revolution colonies.

The bill is unlikely to gain traction in the near future, however, given that Democrats control both legislative houses in Michigan.

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"We will not take up unconstitutional bills written by people who oppose a well-rounded education in favor of religious indoctrination," said Democratic State Rep. Matt Koleszar, the chairman of the House Education Committee.

Democratic Senate Education Chairwoman Dayna Polehanki, meanwhile, said that Fox "really shrugged off any separation of church and state."

Fellow Democratic State Rep. Noah Arbit had a more personal response to Fox's bill: "This Jewish member of the majority party says: Over my dead body."