'Attack, attack, attack': Former GOP strategist says Democrats have plenty of ammo to go on offense
Republican strategist Stuart Stevens (Screen cap).

One-time Republican strategist Stuart Stevens on Wednesday implored Democrats to go on offense ahead of the 2022 midterm elections -- and he said that his former party has given them plenty of ammunition to work with.

Writing on Twitter, Stevens reacted to a tweet from CNN host Jake Tapper in which he remarked on how productive Congress has been recently in passing significant legislation despite being split at 50-50.

"Between infrastructure, gun safety, CHIPs, and the PACT Act, all passed in less than a year, I can't recall a period of so many big and substantive bipartisan accomplishments for Congress," Tapper said.

Stevens said that this opens up an opportunity for Democrats to both tout their own accomplishments and hammer the GOP for lacking a popular governing agenda.

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"Here’s a simple message for Democrats: attack, attack, attack," he wrote. "A governing party vs a party obsessed with bathrooms and bedrooms. You can win. There are more of you than them. Walk with confidence. Go out and take it."

Although polling shows 2022 will likely be a rough year for Democrats, the party got a jolt of hope on Tuesday when voters in Kansas overwhelmingly rejected a change to the state constitution that would have opened the door for a full abortion ban.