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Donald Trump (Photo via Jim Watson/AFP)

New York Republican state assemblyman Mike Lawler beat incumbent Democratic Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney in the midterm elections this Tuesday. After his victory, Lawler said he'd like his party to "move forward" from former President Donald Trump, especially after Republicans failed to deliver the expected "red wave."

“Anytime you are focused on the future, you can’t so much go to the past,” Lawler said in an interview with CNN. “And I think people are really excited about the opportunity to address the challenges that we’re facing as a country. And I think more focus needs to be on the issues and the substance of those issues than on personalities.”

According to WJTV's Mike Lillis, the 36-year-old Republican "was a rare bright spot" for the Republicans in Tuesday’s midterms.

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Lawler defeated Maloney, a 10-year veteran and leader of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in a district that was considered safe for Democrats.

"Elsewhere, Democrats were able to defend dozens of threatened seats in battleground districts, defying expectations in a year when President Biden is unpopular and voter anxieties about crime and the economy were expected to produce big gains for the GOP. Instead, two days after voters went to the polls, both the House and Senate remain too close to call," Lillis writes.

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