'Somebody got to them': Mike Lindell has a conspiracy theory as to why he has been ‘debanked’
MyPillow founder Mike Lindell (screengrab).

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell told Business Insider that two banks told him to "leave their bank."

Lindell shared a telephone recording with a man he identified as Tom Cardle, a senior vice president at Minnesota Bank & Trust, warning of "reputation risk."

Lindell, who says he has spent $25 million pushing Trump's "big lie" of election fraud, wonders if there might be a conspiracy afoot.

"These guys have an agenda. There's something wrong, or they would have done something before," Lindell said. "They would have done something last year or a year ago."

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The other bank is Heartland Financial USA.

"Why did they wait until now?" Lindell wondered. "There's something behind this, and we can't let everyone get debanked in our country."

Business Insider reported Lindell floated a theory that "somebody got to them."

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