Jimmy Kimmel mocks Mike Lindell's banking woes and Capitol rioters who called 'Lost and Found'

Jimmy Kimmel took aim at Mike Lindell on Tuesday night, after the MyPillow CEO claimed last week that two banks are cutting ties with him over fears of "reputational damage."

Kimmel's monologue featured a parody commercial for Lindell's new bank, MyBank.

"After years of searching I just couldn't find the right financial institution to fit my needs, on account of my ties to seditionists and attempts to overturn a U.S. election," Lindell, played by James Adomian, said in the ad. "So I made a bank of my own. I call it MyBank."

"Once we receive your dough, it will be stuffed into one of these luxurious cotton pillow cases, and carefully accounted for by my nephew Juno. Don't worry about security because no one would dare rob us because this whole place is rigged to blow," Lindell said, as Juno held up a detonation device.

"MyBank is the first financial institution to deal directly in human sperm," Lindell added. "Just fill up a jug and we'll save your baby gravy to ensure many future generations of patriotic caucasian Americans."

He added that MyBank is not backed by the FDIC because "we don't need no stinkin' government sniffing around our loot."

"Send all your dough. We're not clowning around," Lindell said, before the mention of clowns prompted Juno to activate the detonation device.

Kimmel also mocked Capitol rioters who reportedly called House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office seeking to retrieve "Lost and Found" items from Jan. 6. He interviewed Samantha Sonnig, the fictional director of the Capitol Lost & Found, who went through a box of items that had been left behind.

They included "a lot of cargo shorts," "four dozen pairs of Oakley sunglasses," a fur QAnon shaman-style hat that turned out to be underwear, truck nuts, a Monster energy drink can converted into a PCP pipe, a confederate flag Jesus, and a piece of paper saying "Arest Warint for Mike Pense."

Watch below.

January 6th Rioters Called Pelosi’s Office Looking for Their Lost Items After Storming the Capitol www.youtube.com